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A student’s ability to edit reflects their ability to integrate a number of component skills. They need to be able to reread what they have written fluently and efficiently, with appropriate phrasing. At the same time, they need to have in mind conventions of print, which may, depending on the student’s age or linguistic background, be unfamiliar: conventions of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, spacing, formatting of titles. Editing also includes more complicated cognitive assessments like checking their ideas for repetition, clarity, or content errors. Editing is a critical part of the writing process for writers of all abilities, and even proficient adult writers need time and practice to exercise these skills effectively.

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It can be easy to overlook how many different skills are needed for even simple schoolwork. The following list includes all the skills required to perform the task you selected. Once you pick a primary skill domain, like reading, you will see a list of all the subskills that make up reading. 

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