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Prewriting refers to the first planning stages of a writing task. Before beginning to write, a student needs to analyze or make decisions about the requirements of the writing task. Prewriting includes choosing a topic or a position, planning a story outline or a series of arguments, and determining voice and format. Prewriting can include brainstorming, jot notes, drawing, mapping, or other visual techniques that can help a student to record ideas, but are not part of a final draft or product. Effective prewriting allows a student to create a plan for beginning and completing their writing, so that they can stay on topic, answer a question appropriately, and recognize when they have completed a task.

Academic Skill Domains

It can be easy to overlook how many different skills are needed for even simple schoolwork. The following list includes all the skills required to perform the task you selected. Once you pick a primary skill domain, like reading, you will see a list of all the subskills that make up reading. 

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