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Applications refer to an individual’s ability to use their math knowledge and skills in real world contexts or in new situations. Students who struggle with math applications may have challenges with any number of core academic skills. There are some assistive technologies that students can use to support specific challenges with applications; however, the student’s learning profile needs to be carefully considered to determine if there are any other specific impairments affecting the student’s ability to apply their math knowledge. These specific areas of impairment may include the ability to read the question and understand what is being asked, challenges with organization of information, or challenges with the core math computational skills required to solve the problem.

Academic Skill Domains

It can be easy to overlook how many different skills are needed for even simple schoolwork. The following list includes all the skills required to perform the task you selected. Once you pick a primary skill domain, like reading, you will see a list of all the subskills that make up reading. 

Critical Thinking
Sensory Input
Oral Language
Motor Output
Social and Emotional

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