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Skills required for 

Material Management

Material management refers to ways to organize documents for later access or assignments on which and individual is working. There are a number of assistive technology tools that allow individuals to manage materials and which have shown to be effective for those individuals who have challenges with organization. These include physical file storage, as well as computer-based tools that both aid in inputting information to the computer and organizing the information once it has been inputted. Often students with executive function weaknesses (a common example being individuals with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have organization weakness (Meltzer, 2010).

Academic Skill Domains

It can be easy to overlook how many different skills are needed for even simple schoolwork. The following list includes all the skills required to perform the task you selected. Once you pick a primary skill domain, like reading, you will see a list of all the subskills that make up reading. 

Critical Thinking
Sensory Input
Oral Language
Motor Output
Social and Emotional

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Material Management
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