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Auditory Recorder

Auditory Recorder


<p >Captioning, Note-taking, Translation into almost any language, Streaming, and Speech generation; encrypted protocol for private information</p>

<p >Meetings, conferences and communication needs for personal, professional, and school use</p>

<p>Free trial, $/month subscription</p>

<p>Select equations from menu</p>

<p>Installed in Google Docs</p>

<p>$, Free Trial</p>

<p>Select and draw equations</p>


<p>Tablet with various tools, including picture library, ability to make phone calls with synthetic text, and home appliance control</p>


<p>Personal keypad with text screen and text-to-speech software, allowing typing phrases to be spoken by the tool.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Phone app with selectable pictures, requests, and&nbsp;directions&nbsp;</p>


<p>Physical bag with velcro or pockets and cards with pictures for making requests&nbsp;</p>


<p>Phone app with selectable pictures, requests, and&nbsp;directions&nbsp;</p>


<p>Tablet device; uses touch-pad and eye tracking to receive input from users and generate speech.</p>

<p>Only available by referral</p>


<p>Part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, conducts real time translation of speech and text on websites, programs, dictated information, or given document</p>

<p>All purpose, versatile</p>

<p>$$, Free Trial</p>

<p class="font_8">Present live captioning and subtitles in power point slides. Customization of caption style and automatic, real-time captions in 12 spoken languages</p>

<p>Professional presentations, accessibility compliance</p>


<p>Smart notebook that uploads notes online, can scan, send directly as email, and is searchable</p>

<p>Sync between different online systems, easy transcription, scanning and email</p>

<p><span style="font-family:times new roman">$$$</span></p>

<p><span style="font-family:-webkit-standard">Suite of many features and technologies. </span></p>

<p><span style="font-family: -webkit-standard;">Reading documents in Google platforms,&nbsp;including Google Docs and Google Classroom.</span></p>


<p>Easily create colorful maps made of text boxes and link together</p>

<p>Organization of information, flexible for all ages</p>


<p>A basic feature of most search engines such as Google. Press space bar after a target word or phrase to see list of commonly associated topics based on internet searches. Does not provide definitions.</p>

<p>Basic internet proficiency required. Tends to give generic results. Adult filtering recommended.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Returns a list of commonly asked questions about a target word or phrase.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Uses internet trend data. Good for modern topics or public knowledge. Simple interface.</p>


<p>Generates list of questions sorted into questions, associations, and comparisons&nbsp;based on target word or phrase. Clicking on any question will start a google search. Presented as visual map or list.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Large volume of results, not intuitive for children. Good for developing an established&nbsp;topic for highschoolers and above.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Generates phrases related to input phrases based on internet searches. Adds questions, common searches, or similar topics. Provides links.</p>

<p>Adults.&nbsp;Needs to be taught; not intuitive for children. Helps refine search terms; find better keywords.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Free, $$</p>

<p>PDF with examples and lists of ways to invert and innovate existing concepts.&nbsp;</p>

<p>When topic is not known or vague. Doesn&#39;t use keywords.</p>


<p>Often returns pop-culture. Generates random opinions or ways of tackling a target&nbsp;idea. Accepts phrases and single words.&nbsp;</p>

<p>For when a topic is already known, choosing an attitude, stance, or approach to the topic. Often gives silly answers. Not good for research.&nbsp;</p>


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