Auditory Recorder

Auditory Recorder


Captioning, Note-taking, Translation into almost any language, Streaming, and Speech generation; encrypted protocol for private information

Meetings, conferences and communication needs for personal, professional, and school use

Free trial, $/month subscription

Select equations from menu

Installed in Google Docs

$, Free Trial

Select and draw equations


Tablet with various tools, including picture library, ability to make phone calls with synthetic text, and home appliance control


Personal keypad with text screen and text-to-speech software, allowing typing phrases to be spoken by the tool. 


Phone app with selectable pictures, requests, and directions 


Physical bag with velcro or pockets and cards with pictures for making requests 


Phone app with selectable pictures, requests, and directions 


Tablet device; uses touch-pad and eye tracking to receive input from users and generate speech.

Only available by referral


Part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, conducts real time translation of speech and text on websites, programs, dictated information, or given document

All purpose, versatile

$$, Free Trial

Present live captioning and subtitles in power point slides. Customization of caption style and automatic, real-time captions in 12 spoken languages

Professional presentations, accessibility compliance


Smart notebook that uploads notes online, can scan, send directly as email, and is searchable

Sync between different online systems, easy transcription, scanning and email


Suite of many features and technologies.

Reading documents in Google platforms, including Google Docs and Google Classroom.


Easily create colorful maps made of text boxes and link together

Organization of information, flexible for all ages


A basic feature of most search engines such as Google. Press space bar after a target word or phrase to see list of commonly associated topics based on internet searches. Does not provide definitions.

Basic internet proficiency required. Tends to give generic results. Adult filtering recommended. 


Returns a list of commonly asked questions about a target word or phrase. 

Uses internet trend data. Good for modern topics or public knowledge. Simple interface.


Generates list of questions sorted into questions, associations, and comparisons based on target word or phrase. Clicking on any question will start a google search. Presented as visual map or list. 

Large volume of results, not intuitive for children. Good for developing an established topic for highschoolers and above. 


Generates phrases related to input phrases based on internet searches. Adds questions, common searches, or similar topics. Provides links.

Adults. Needs to be taught; not intuitive for children. Helps refine search terms; find better keywords. 

Free, $$

PDF with examples and lists of ways to invert and innovate existing concepts. 

When topic is not known or vague. Doesn't use keywords.


Often returns pop-culture. Generates random opinions or ways of tackling a target idea. Accepts phrases and single words. 

For when a topic is already known, choosing an attitude, stance, or approach to the topic. Often gives silly answers. Not good for research. 


Academic Intervention Lab

Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, ON M5S 1V6, Canada

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