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Cloud Storage


Cloud based storage is a file storage format in which instead of your files being stored on your device hard drive they are stored online on the service providers servers. Having data files in the cloud allows you to access these files from multiple devices and frees up space on your device hard drive. Many schools use cloud based storage, allowing them to offer students laptops or Chromebook with much less on-board storage capacity, making these devices cheaper than their high-storage counterparts. The crux of cloud-based storage is a reliance on the Internet; if the student's home and school does not have a reliable and strong Wi-Fi connection, cloud-based storage may not be the best storage solution for said student.


Cloud based storage can assist students in the classroom in three main areas:

  • Storage: By storing files using cloud based storage, or ‘in the cloud’, students do not have to worry about their files being lost do to computer failure.

  • Multi-Device Sharing: Cloud based storage allows students to access their files from any device with an internet connection. This makes transitioning assignments from school to home and then back to school much easier.

  • Collaboration: Some cloud storage services allow multiple users access to one document with online editing capabilities (e.g. Google Drive). This means that two students could be working collaboratively on the same documents from their own respective homes and would see each other’s updates to the document in real time; as one student typed in the document, the other student would be able to see what they are typing. 



  • File storage capacity not limited by device hard drive

  • File back-up: useful is a device breaks down

  • Facilitates collaboration



  • Internet reliant


To Consider

  • Are the devices at school compatible with the planned cloud storage service provider?

  • Is the student working primarily on one device that already has sufficient hard drive storage?

  • Will the free demo version of these products meet the needs of the student? How much storage does the student need?

Special Consideration: Workflow

OS Compatibility
Internet Reliance
Optimized Use

Exact prices change frequently, which is why only approximate ranges are listed. 

$ - Under $5

$$ - Between $6 and $50

$$$ - Between $51 and $250

$$$$ - Over $250

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