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Derived from the Hawaiian word for “fast”, wikis can be used as a source for gathering information quickly to assist in the brainstorming process when a student needs comprehensive background knowledge of a topic (Clyde, 2005). Wikis should not be formally cited in written material, but rather used during the brainstorming process to become familiar with key words and find reliable sources.

Research by Ducate, Anderson and Moreno (2011) concluded that Wikipedia (a very common wiki) was a valid learning tool that was comprehensive and easy to use for students completing a language project. Students reported a positive attitude towards its use in providing a comprehensive understanding of material, grammar, and vocabulary; which in turn can be used as an English as a Second Language tool (Ducate, Anderson, & Moreno, 2011; Arnold, Ducate, & Kost, 2009). Kimmerle, Moskaliuk and Cress (2011) concluded that using Wikipedia as a learning tool to build on prior knowledge was a valid educational method. Educators need to specify their learning goals when using wikis and keep in mind that each individual begins the brainstorming process with a different level of prior knowledge that may impact future knowledge building (Kimmerle, Moskaliuk, & Cress, 2011).

Research Rating: Due to the experimental nature of the information cited in this description this information is to be trusted as valid and reliable.



  • User-friendly, easily accessed, low-cost

  • Photos and videos are included with information

  • Some Wikis have built in scalable language technology

  • Information can be translated in different languages


  • Not all information may be peer-reviewed

  • Students may become distracted when searching material


To Consider

  • Requires internet access

  • Students must be trained

Special Consideration: Workflow

OS Compatibility
Internet Reliance
Optimized Use

Exact prices change frequently, which is why only approximate ranges are listed. 

$ - Under $5

$$ - Between $6 and $50

$$$ - Between $51 and $250

$$$$ - Over $250



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Written by Tresa Jules, Last Revision April 2018

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